The Exchange

  • Client: Trade.io
  • Date: Sep 15th, 2017

More businesses and ideas were taking notice of the potential for distributed technology. One of these businesses wanted to explore the idea of tokenizing assets and allowing liquidity through a distributed exchange, Trade.io was beginning to form. They knew that in order to explore this idea they would need to launch a token through the ICO process.

Trade.io reached out to Modular because of the secure code libraries we were regularly deploying and updating on Ropsten and Rinkeby testnets as well as mainnet. They wanted to know both how the technology would work and what possibilities existed with a token sale. After a couple of months of regular communication, Trade.io settled on an offering they wanted to deploy. They trusted Modular to build and deploy their tokens and ICO contracts and haven't looked back since.

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The Process.

If you need to launch a crowdsale for your business, send us a message. Once we receive your request we'll respond within a few days for follow-up and to schedule a call. After we've obtained all of the details required we'll put together a statement of work and begin the process of launching your sale.

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