Smart Contracts


  • Client: MAD
  • Date: Oct 20th, 2017

There are way more use cases for Ethereum than creating token contracts and selling them. One of those use cases is creating vesting contracts for tokens. The creators of the MAD token came to us with this request and we quickly went to work.

There were numerous factors that needed to be ironed out when creating vesting contracts. How many accounts and how many different groups needed to vest? Were there any conditions that needed to be met over the vesting period? Were tokens going to be released continuously over the timeline or held until the end? Were there vesting cliffs and/or bonuses for holding out on any withdrawals? Modular hammered out all of the details with the client and successfully the vesting contracts needed.

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If you need to build smart contracts for your business, send us a message. Once we receive your request we'll respond within a few days for follow-up and to schedule a call. After we've obtained all of the details required we'll put together a statement of work and begin the process of building your contracts.

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