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The Gamble

  • Client: Ethino
  • Date: Oct 1st, 2017

After filling out our libraries and engaging with several potential clients, the Ethino team reached out to Modular for a token. They had big plans to provide the first ERC20 casino on Ethereum's mainnet and asked for our help. They already developed an Alpha release and launched it on the Rinkeby testnet, they needed a solid partner to provide a production level token.

Modular already had a dozen contracts in production on Ethereum mainnet and was ready for the challenge. After a few communication sessions going back and forth to determine both the technical and legal challenges, we decided on accepting only Ether for payment and would provide the software needed to launch an Ethino token. The Ethino token successfully launched a few weeks later.

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If you need to launch a token for your business, send us a message. Once we receive your request we'll respond within a few days for follow-up and to schedule a call. After we've obtained all of the details required we'll put together a statement of work and begin the process of launching your token.

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