Contract Audit

The Review

  • Client: AdEx
  • Date: Nov 16th, 2017

One thing we've learned fairly quick is the extent to which secure source code matters when dealing with distributed applications. The nature of having all logic verified on-chain means that all logic is visible, including logic that may not operate completely as intended. This dynamic forces to us to take certain precautions, such as formal code audits, into consideration before launching applications into production. When AdEx put their decentralized ad exchange into production, they were no exception.

The AdEx team already had their code audited before approaching Modular for another view. They had successfully built their registry and exchange contracts and deployed them on mainnet, but since they were well aware of the risk, they wanted us to make sure there were no critical security vulnerabilities. The Modular dev team rallied around this task and went through all code line by line independently, then discussed our findings as a team and reviewed again before delivering our final report to AdEx two weeks later. The verdict was in, no critical security issues. Only a dozen or so suggestions on coding practices and maintenance.

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