Building the Future


Full service project development. We help engineer and build next generation systems on public and private decentralized networks as well as traditional systems of all shapes and sizes.

Educating the Community

Open Discussion

Join us in our new Telegram group for questions and answers pertaining to development today. We build and deploy systems in the cloud in a variety of languages including Golang, JavaScript, and Java. We also provide thorough code reviews for sensitive systems already built and need that additional layer of security.

Developing the Code

Open Source

Visit our Github repository of open source Ethereum libraries and join in our efforts to make the entire ecosystem a safer place for everyone

About Us

A Gathering of Builders

The History

A lone developer finds his partners to begin the journey into a wild frontier known as distributed networks.

Christopher saw it on the horizon. Bitcoin had spawned a superhero and Ethereum was born. As the market watched cryptocurrencies, others stumbled upon Christopher's plan to harness the future; Modular was born. They quickly gathered the greatest minds on this planet.

Protect the Future

The Ethos

Predators wait for vulnerable risk takers and it is our duty at Modular to protect them.

It wasn't long before those who wanted to harness the power of Ethereum were left open for attack. Ethereum is fertile ground with little to no protection. We decided to start building the systems that made Ethereum both safe and accessible. We don't ask for gratitude, it is our duty.

An Expert Team

Our Motto

Building the right product is natural when we hold to our core principles.

This duty to both provide for and protect the future is no small task. It requires a team made of expert individuals who can bring together the greatest ideas and effectively share them among the group. Modular requires that we operate to the best of our ability at all times and bring others to the top with us.

A Journey Begins

The Project

Creation is both solving known problems and discovering the unknowns.

Our group immediately went to work and did what any specialized technical team of warriors would do in this situation, educate. We started discussion to improve ourselves and to warn early adopters of potential traps. As we assisted those who needed tokens, applications, and advice, our process was born, a dev shop ready to tackle the world.

Warriors Abound


The race to an open frontier has brought many to this new technology, and more people bring more heros.

Modular welcomes the numerous contributions to the Ethereum ecosystem. The task of providing access and security is too large for one group to handle. As we build our best solutions, we aim to supplement those who are in the fight with us. Innovation in Ethereum and other cloud computing today does not force direct competition among heros, but rather, it allows us all to be successful against a common enemy.

Who We Are


Attention to detail separates good code from great code, and without great code, we're lost.

We wake up everyday meditating on technology and the steps we'll take by evening before setting up camp and pondering the next day. We read Solidity for fun, eat abi's for snack, and push bytecode to the next level. We understand the impact many make everyday and we will help harness this impact and build your future.


Our Work


Token Launch



Smart Contracts


Contract Audits



Ethereum Libraries

Open Source Development

Austin Ethereum Meetup

Ethereum Talks



Robbie Bent

COO, TrueBit

The Modular team really came through when we asked the community for help. After Jason and Vitalik released the interactive coin offering paper, they lead the way in its development among other organizations such as Consensys and Zeppelin.

Griff Green

Founder of Giveth

Modular helped a lot with the Parity contract review so we rewared them with our token to show appreciation.

Ethino Team


Modular provided us with ICO contracts that performed flawlessly.

The Devs.

Modular's team is currently made up of five people with wide ranging experience and additional advisors with proven track records in technology and business development.

Christopher is a full stack developer and devops specialist on both decentralized and traditional web applications. Will, Golang and DB specialist, Davi, Node.js and front-end developer, and Fred, C# and .NET, to form a team capable of building change. John Adler, CEO of Call Control, and Dustin Kirkland, VP at Google, also joined to impart wisdom and guide our path to unlocking value.

Christopher Brown


Alex Treece


William Dias


Fred Furas

Senior Dev

Davi Reinke

Front-end Developer

John Adler


Dustin Kirkland



Whether you want to be a first adopter, a developer, investor, or an organization looking to leverage decentralized networks, we invite you to connect with us and begin a discussion. We can provide technology, speak at events, and point you in the right direction among the many organizations we're networked with. Click the button below and get in touch.

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